Dragalia Lost is finally available in the UK and EU, and Nintendo's latest mobile game is a gacha game. Yep, a gacha game.

You know what that means, right? It's time to earn as much summoning currency as possible and fill your save file with fresh, strong gacha characters to crush the game with.

We've got everything you need to know about Wyrmite and how you earn it right here, and you'll need to be collecting a lot of it.

Why do you need Wrymite?

Dragalia Lost

Okay, so let's start by asking the question of what the hell is Wyrmite. Well, the answer to that is that it seems to be some sort of magical stone related to dragons.

It's purpose here in Dragalia Lost is to summon. Wyrmite can be earned readily in game, and can be used as a replacement for premium currency when it comes to summoning characters and more. If you've played a gacha game before, you know how this works already.

A single summon requires 150 Wyrmite and, naturally, 10 costs 1500. Though it should be noted, spending 1500 through the Tenfold Summon nets you a better chance of getting rarer results.

Through summons you'll be earning more adventurers for your party, powerful dragons to transforms into, and Wyrmprints which you will equip and upgrade for more power in your party.

We'll go into how you get Wyrmite shortly, but you'll get rewards of it for completing many tasks within the game. New quests, endeavors and far more offer Wyrmite, especially when you first start playing and have many things to do for the first time.

From a few hours of playing Dragalia Lost, you can easily afford three to four Tenfold Summons, so save up when you first start playing to get rarer characters, dragons and Wyrmprints.

You can also use Wyrmite for other things, one of the more important is hiring more dragon workers, Smithwyrms, to your castle to build and upgrade your buildings. It's definitely worth buying at least one Smithwyrm early on.

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