Wargroove won itself a lot of admirers with its charming pixel art and accessible strategy play. But, like all the best thinking games, that simplicity hides a surprising amount of depth. Just spawning units and pushing them toward the front lines won't get you very far, even in the single-player campaign.

If you're struggling you can always dial down the difficulty. But if you want those stars, or the pleasure of crushing your friends in multiplayer, try these handy hints instead.

Mapping it Out

As much as you want to get stuck into each fresh game, take a moment to pause. Have a look at the map, consider your objectives and spend some time thinking about how the two relate.

In most cases, you want to pay particular attention to structures and scenery on the map. The first order of business is to ensure you've got at least income parity with your opponent. Note where the nearest villages are, which ones you'll capture first and those, in the middle of the map, you'll be fighting over.

Then check out choke points on the map. Although the game has plenty of air and sea units, most action takes place on land. Exploiting narrow corridors is a fantastic way to get an edge over an opponent because they're easy to defend. Especially if there's a nearby village you can use to reinforce or mountains to increase range and sight.

Take all this into consideration and try to form a rough plan for the first few turns. Prioritise capturing villages: don't be afraid to send cheap units out unsupported to do this fast, before your opponent gets there. Then start to use the terrain to cheaply defend part of your territory while concentrating your offensives on another.