It's been a long time coming, but the really rather awesome Dragalia Lost has finally come out in the UK and Ireland. It's been out in the US for a while, so it's great that people in different parts of the world are finally getting the chance to poke and prod their way through the adventure.

What is the game? Well it's from Nintendo, and it sees you leading a party of super adorable adventurers through a series of swipe-powered levels and challenges. It looks lovely, as you'd expect from the big N, and there's a whole heap of RPG-lite content for you to push your big ol' face into.

Gacha cacha mall

The big thing here is a gacha-style mechanic for collecting new characters. And there's plenty of the usual mobile trappings too, from base building sections to multiplayer that sees you taking on other player's teams in fights to the death. It might not be the most original game in the world, but there's a lot of fun stuffed into this little package, and plenty of hours of play too.

Unlike Nintendo's other mobile releases, this one isn't based on an already existing IP. It'll be interesting to see how a game like that does in the current market. Is Nintendo's name enough to guarantee success? The 75 million the game has already made suggests yes.

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We reviewed Dragalia Lost when it first came out across the pond, and we really liked what we saw. We called it "a risky move for Nintendo that could pay off," adding that "Dragalia Lost sparkles and shines with all of the polish only afforded a Nintendo property." We gave it a Bronze Award, and you can click here to read the review in its entirety.

If any of this has piqued your interest, you can download Dragalia Lost right now in the UK and Ireland to find out if that piquing was warranted.
Click here and you'll be able to grab the game from the App Store. Or, if you'd rather, click here and you can grab it from the Google Play Store. The game won't cost you a thing, so really the only thing you're losing is a bit of time and some memory on your phone. That seems like a fair trade to us.

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