The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria soared onto mobile devices worldwide in January, and has since been lavished with praise from fans and critics alike.

The game has earned plaudits for seamlessly blending strategy tropes with MMORPG elements, as well as its stellar voice acting - and it’s about to get even better. Developer JoyCity is rolling out a massive content update, packed with new features, and here you’ll find a rundown of the key ones.

Ruins Conquest is all-new guild content

War of Genesis’ killer new feature is Ruins Conquest, bonus guild content which sees player factions fighting for control of the game’s existing dungeons, including the Magic Tower, Pyramid, Castle of Ice and Inferno Dungeon.
The aim is to beat out other rival guilds in conquering and occupying these dungeons. Factions which successfully take over a stronghold will hold it for a set amount of time. There are tonnes of rewards on offer in Ruins Conquest, including the resource-filled Great Philosopher’s Stone Chest. Rewards will be distributed to guild members based on their Guild Contribution percentage, although some of the bonus items will be sent to players at random. Interested? You can check when a Ruins Conquest match is due to kick off in your region by consulting the World Map and Guild Window.

Players can now promote their Level 50 heroes to 6 star

The update also gives players the opportunity to promote their level 50 heroes to 6 star characters by having them consume the Secret of Hero item. Level 6 heroes can progress beyond the usual cap, and by upgrading the control room on their airship, users can play host to more of them in their party.

The Summon system has been overhauled

Post-update, War of Genesis’ Normal Summon board will become the Normal Secret of Hero Summon board, and here, players can earn Secret of Hero items, which are used to unlock gem skills and promote characters to 6 star.

For Special and Type Summons, once a hero has been summoned, players will be able to call upon Secret of Hero items for that specific character through their summoning board.

New special heroes and bonus story content

War of Genesis’ update really is jam-packed with content. Not only are there extra story missions to tackle as part of Ruins Conquest, special heroes Cyrano Bernstein (5 star) and Vishnu (4 star) have also joined the game.

An airship skin event has launched alongside the update

To coincide with the release of the new content, developer JoyCity has launched a special airship-themed event in which players can earn the Wings of Drake skin to spruce up their flying fortresses.

And on the subject on airships, they’re now easier to customise than ever as players will be able to preview and configure them directly from their engine rooms, once they’ve locked and loaded the update.

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria and its content update are available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about the game be sure to check out its official website and Facebook page.