Immortal Rogue takes a different approach to roguelike gameplay. The 2D action game doesn't strip you of your rewards once you're dead, and your approach to combat says more about the skills you gain.

You'll be able to slash through and impale dozens of enemies, in addition to recruiting meagre humans to your side and changing how the world develops.

It's a great approach to the roguelike genre, and if you're interested, we've got a bunch of tips on getting started with slashing through enemies.

The range

Immortal Rogue

The first thing you'll want to become intimately familiar with in Immortal Rogue is the range of your weapons. After all, there's a great variety of ranges and effects your different weapons will have.

To start with you'll have a simple short range slash, and a heavier slash with a fairly decent dash-in range.

The light attack, which you perform by mashing or tapping on the screen, is absolutely fine, but can stand to be upgraded as soon as you can.

The heavy attack meanwhile, which is executed by holding the screen and dragging at an enemy, is incredibly useful, and there are multiple kinds of heavy attack weapons, each with very different properties.

As for the standard weapon though, the dash-in is great, as you can move out of range of enemy attacks, charge your heavy, and wait for them to whiff their attack before punishing them with your own, following up with a few light attacks before dodging away. That's great.

Of course, the range of heavy weapons which you can throw or fire are way better, but have their own drawbacks…

In order to master the combat in Immortal Rogue you'll want to take note of how fast your weapons are, how long the heavy weapons take to recharge, and of course, the range. It's so important.