In case you can't tell from the title, Immortal Rogue is about an immortal warrior, and it's a roguelike. No surprise there, huh? But unlike many roguelikes, you'll be carrying over your story and upgrade progress, in a weird way.

You'll be able to get permanent buffs, and your death doesn't mean starting over from the beginning, as the world keeps turning without you in a savage cycle only you bare witness to.

It's got fun, slashy gameplay and dozens of stages and enemies to fight through. Sounds good, right? Well we've got a bunch of tips to help you get started and get upgrades fast.

Upgrades will help you greatly as you progress through this game, so grab them while you can and you'll progress fast.

All about blood

Immortal Rogue

The essential currency you need to progress and become stronger in Immortal Rogue is blood. Blood literally drips from enemies and can be picked up off the floor. Uh, just make sure not to get the collectible blood confused with the blood animations from enemies.

When you die, blood becomes a tool for improving the power of your character. You will use all of the blood you earned to put in place permanent buffs, such as characters that can assist you, with gold or equipment, and new weapons.

You'll quickly notice though that the amount of blood you'll need goes up fast. Also, many of the characters you can recruit have missions assigned to them.

A good idea is to always opt to turn the character you're hunting so you can recruit them and have them as an ally, offering bonuses as you begin battles. They take some effort to unlock, but it's worthwhile.

You can earn more blood by picking certain bonuses after finishing stages, and if you want some help early on, it's recommended to stock up on as much blood as possible as early as possible.