Chalk this one up to rumour once again folks, but it looks like Microsoft is looking to bring its Xbox Game Pass to the Switch alongside its cloud streaming service, meaning a large majority of its games will be available for streaming on Nintendo's console.

As reported initially by Direct Feed Games and corroborated by Game Informer, the setup would mean that Xbox One games could be streamed through the Switch - something Microsoft is already planning to do on mobile.

But on top of that, players would be able to subscribe to the monthly Game Pass to do so, rather than paying an outright fee for each individual game.

Not only that, but Microsoft is also apparently looking at publishing its own games on the Switch. The big name being thrown around is Ori and the Blind Forest, a popular 2D Metroidvania currently available as an exclusive on Microsoft's platforms.

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All of this sounds just a little too unreal, and yet there's something about it that just makes sense. As long as Nintendo was getting a cut of the profits, why wouldn't it let Microsoft stream games through the platform? And how cool would it be to see first-party-published games on Switch, but from a different party?

Now this is all just rumour at the moment, but with rumblings that Xbox Live is coming to Switch, along with the aforementioned rumours about streaming through the Switch, it's all sounding much more likely. At the very least, it sounds plausible. Though anything sounds plausible in these turbulent times.

Reggie never would've let this happen though. I bet this is all Bowser's doing. That snake!