Alliance VS Empire is finally out on mobile, abbreviated to AxE, for some reason, and it's a damn good MMO. There's gear to collect, dungeons to raid, loot to, um, loot. What more could you want?

There are loads of chests, items, rewards and more in AxE, and you need them. I know you need them. That's why I wrote this guide.

We're going through the Achievements, Challenges, Missions and Rewards you will find while playing the game, how you can complete them, what kind of loot you can expect, and why you should be completing them.

There are loads of things to collect and complete in AxE, so every little helps. You'll be developing and upgrading your gear, ensuring your character is completely able to do battle, and much more.

These will be the best ways to gear up and get prepared when you first start the game, and you'll be checking in on all of these regularly, all the way until the end, so take a look at our tips here and then get back to playing AxE.

AxE Alliance vs Empire


There are so many different achievements to earn, and all of them will give you the precious rewards you need.

Just by playing the game you'll easily clear many achievements which want you to tackle quests, defeat monsters or develop gear. For the most part, it's pretty straightforward.

There are Daily and Weekly achievements, so those will keep you busy every single day — and don't worry, there really are plenty of daily achievements available to you that you'll want to keep up with every day.

In addition to that you have Consecutive Achievements and PvP Achievements. Consecutive Achievements are a fairly standard mix of challenges to beat enemies, collect items and power up your character, while PvP Achievements, of course, are there to reward you for defeating other players.

There will also be achievements related to dungeons for you to complete, giving you yet another objective to aim for after you log in every day.