Alliance VS Empire — also known as AxE — is finally out, and it's bringing brand new MMO thrills to mobile. You'll be creating your own character and making them go out on a massive adventure.

There's wide open worlds to explore, hundreds of quests, loads of missions, dungeons, and much more. But the most important part just might be battles.

Yes there's loads of monsters for you to take down in AxE, and here's the essential tips you need to know to smash through your enemies.

AxE Alliance vs Empire

Smack and roll

AxE plays out like the MMOs you are no doubt familiar with, and if you've previously jumped into Massive Multiplayer Online games, then you'll mostly know what to expect.

Run into combat, and you'll be able to start whacking out a basic attack combo. This can be done indefinitely, though it's by no means the most effective way to do battle.

You will quickly unlock a variety of abilities and skills, and these will be valuable to doing more damage. You should take note of each new ability you earn, as they will do damage to different size areas and, of course, will have elemental attributes to keep in mind.

Using each ability though will enact a cooldown, meaning you can't just freely use them constantly. Use the attacks in tandem with your basic attack in order to do as much damage as possible, and wait until your abilities can effect as many enemies as possible to do the most damage.

Of course you will also want to watch for enemies that wish to do harm to you. As such, watch for the red danger zone to appear on the floor, and use your dodge roll to get out of harm's way.

That danger zone indicates damage is coming your way, and you will want to get clear.