Linn: Path of Orchards looks a lot like Monument Valley, but it's completely different - a creative, clever platformer that will keep you too busy leaping around instead of admiring how it looks.

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Roman Valerio - iPad Air

This gorgeous looking game requires quite a lot of jumping, and by that I mean precise jumping. And truth be told, I hate that. It takes a lot of effort and quite a number of attempts to make further progress.

If you love platforming games more than puzzlers, you will certainly fall in love with Linn: Path of Orchards. The controls, which involve all-directional swiping for making dash moves and double jumps, are fairly tight and responsive. This is a level-based game and these are of a bite-sized single screen variety with 3 tasks to complete on each stage.

What I did not come to appreciate in Linn is that there is no way of getting all 3 stars on a level in a single try. You'll have to repeat the same stage at least 2 times to collect all regular shards, a big shiny one called "Elder Shard" and in doing so meet a quota in moves allowed.

Did I mention that the game looks stunningly good? Not as good as that eye candy of a minimalist game called Monument Valley, but to some extent Linn comes pretty close to it.