Spirit Roots looks lovely and cute, but underneath it's hiding a tough-as-nails platformer where one wrong move ruins everything - which we think might turn some people off.

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Jim Linford

I've come to the conclusion that those expecting a bouncy, jolly platform game with a nice art style are gonna be shocked. It’s hard as nails. You will die.

But you will want to kept playing. So far, the aim of the game is to make it home to your family. In your quest you collect souls, which look like lumines from Rayman. Defeating enemies with your sword or gun. Some enemies can't be killed by the gun as they have shields, others need to be shot a few times to kill them from a distance as they hit you with pitchforks, you die right away.

Movement wise you can double jump. Auto grab ledges and move left and right. You have many hazards and enemies that are cheekily placed they can kill you. It’s not Super Meat Boy-twitchy, but it’s hard due to placement in traps and obstacles etc.

To call it a platformer is accurate, but it’s not a platformer in the sense of Mario and Sonic. And it’s not (according to the amount I’ve played so far) an exploration game. The routes are straightforward but you have enemies to kill.

But so far I like it. My mistake for thinking it would be a walk in the park though...