Statistically increasing numbers of players are using their mobile devices, especially their smartphones, to have a game of online bingo, slots, or any of the numerous high quality casino games on offer today. This fact really isn't that surprising when you consider how much we have come to rely on our mobile devices, and as technology further advances, so do our expectations as we look to our mobiles for our entertainment requirements.

There are some that show surprise on how popular online bingo has become, but again you have to think about the history of bingo to realise that it is not all about the game, as bingo is also an incredibly social pastime where friends and family can catch up on news, and generally have a laugh together whilst enjoying a few games. Being mobile means that now that experience can be sourced whenever and whenever you choose.

This has led to a much younger age set enjoying a game of bingo, and the game has now lost it's 'blue rinse' persona, and is, in fact, considered rather cool to play, and is now enjoyed primarily by the twenty five to thirty five age group, with younger women making up most of those numbers.

Slots and online bingo has become an important niche within iGaming, and at the Online Bingo and Slots Summit of 2017 professionals attended conferences covering topics like affiliate marketing, data analytics, M&A and investment, bonusing strategies, and SEO amongst others.

Taking place on June 21st at London's Hippodrome Casino one notable speaker was Yaniv Sherman, SVP of Commerical Development at Dragonfish.

Mr. Sherman empahasised that there are only so many computers to connect to, and only so many mobile devices to sell, and he went on to say that growth in the online bingo sector is showing signs of leveling out, and said that bingo players are more brand loyal than say those who were sports bettors who are searching out the best price.

As mobile is the most popular platform for playing online bingo games Sherman went on to say that operators must find out how to make the very best of the smaller screens, and also they need to find a definite way to compete with some of the more popular gaming apps like Candy Crush.

Brands that put the player at the heart of their sites are far more popular, and this is because they have listened to what players actually want.

The high-end sites provide no-deposit bonuses when players sign on, and this means that newbies can take a tour about the site, checking out the other promotional offers and bonuses, and trying out the games on offer before actually playing with any of their own money.

The best sites also have their games fully optimised for the mobile user, and this means that they can also use their mobile phones to pay for their games. BOKU is the favoured way to do this with the cost of games either being deducted from your pay as you go account or added to your monthly contract bill.

The next few years are going to be interesting as technology advances and new regulations are put into place regarding advertising, so, like many things, it's a case of 'watch this space and see' for the players.