Card games on mobile are a dime a dozen, but when it comes to unique takes on the genre, well, that's a bit harder to pin point. But now we have Knights of the Card Table, and faith has been restored in our favourite deck building genre.

In Knights of the Card Table, turn based RPG strategy has been melded with card-based gameplay, and it works great. Every card that appears will help, hinder or force you to do battle, and there's loads of monsters to fight.

But a new take on a genre means new tactics to learn, and while simple, Knights of the Card Table offers a bunch of depth. If you want to beat the game with ease, there's some essential things you must know. Luckily for you, we've got what you need to know right here…

Knights of the Card Table

Card combo

Card combinations will be your most useful tool for overthrowing powerful monsters and keeping yourself healthy, so at times it's a good idea to stock up on a single type of card to aim for a combo.

One useful example is using three heals in a row, which will give you bonus gold, which of course is useful for more unlocks and stages.

Three power ups in a row will offer you an even bigger attack, which can easily fell boss monsters with a single strike.

Heck, even the poison cards which will debuff your character are useful in bulk. Drinking down three will actually negate the effects of the poison, so it can be good to stack up on the seemingly harmful cards.

Of course, this needs to be balanced. Don't just down all your health if it looks likely that you'll need some soon.

Instead, remember that enemies with two health, for example, are guaranteed to be killed in two hits, only offering you one damage. With three health, you can take two hits, then think about a triple heal combo to get healthy and cash.

These opportunities are more valuable than just spending your useful cards.