BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is already a pretty niche game - unless you're a big fan of J-Pop and anime girls, it's unlikely to have been high on your radar when it first launched. And now it's about to narrow its focus even tighter with a new collab event.

For reasons I simply cannot fathom, the mobile game is partnering with the Persona series to bring a collection of outfits and song into its world of singing and dancing - like the Persona Dancing games on PS Vita, without the actual Persona characters themselves.

Between February 17th and 28th you'll be able to play through a new story based on Persona 5 - though hopefully without all the sexual assault and suicide attempts that made the opening 10 hours of that game so harrowing.

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Better yet, you'll be able to unlock new outfits for the band Afterglow themed around Persona 5. It looks to all be based on the Metaverse outfits, so expect the likes of Joker, Queen, and whatever Futaba's codename is to make an appearance. And also an entire Morgana suit? That one I really can't work out.

And finally, if you just want to hear those sick tunes, you'll have access to three cover songs from the entire Persona series - Roselia get "Kimi no kioku" from Persona 3, Afterglow get "Reach Out To The Truth" from Persona 4, and Poppin' Party get "Life Will Change" from Persona 5.

I... can't quite wrap my head around this one, to be honest! While it's always fun seeing franchises and IPs join forces across games, the mix of BanG Dream! and Persona is just absolutely ridiculous to me. Which isn't to say I don't love it - my word, do I love it. But I'm just... being thrown for a loop here.

Whatever your feelings, you can expect the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x Persona collab event to start on February 17th and run until February 28th. I hope with all my heart that you earn your perfect Persona waifu costume for your BanG Dream! waifu. Too much waifu to handle, really.
If you've not yet sampled the colourful delights of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party, you can get it for free on iOS and Android at their respective stores. Using the links I just put in. I'm too good for you.