When Golf Peaks came out swinging on iOS devices last year, it brought something new to the App Store. Occupying a unique space between the titular sport and cards, Afterburn’s indie gem has established itself as firm favourite among puzzle fans, and there’s yet more to come from the game.

The recent Update 2.0 has landed on touchscreen greens, bringing all-new content to the game along with a raft of improvements and subtle tweaks. If you haven’t tried Golf Peaks out yet, now is the best time to get into the swing of it, and here are five reasons why…

Putt up your feet and relax

Everything about Golf Peaks is designed to be laid back and relaxing, and this extends to the in-game mechanics. There are no random physics at play. Each level is about you and the puzzle at hand, and you’ll have unlimited undos and restarts at your disposal to figure out the best solution. So kick back and take your time on each course - there’s no pressure to power through to the next one.

You don’t need to know your putter from your pitching wedge

Although Golf Peaks draws its inspiration from the eponymous sport, with sand and water hazards to negotiate, you don’t need to know the first thing about golf to enjoy it. Accessibility is the name of the game - this is a golf-themed puzzler that anyone can pick up, play and enjoy.

There are more than 100 puzzles to take a swing at

Following the release of Update 2.0, there are now more than 100 levels on offer in Golf Peaks, spread over nine different worlds. Each world throws a new golf-inspired block type into the mix, including sand and water. If that’s not enough, the new expansion also includes new block types, music and achievements, as well as a raft of fixes and improvements.

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It sports a unique visual style

Golf Peaks rocks a minimalist yet striking aesthetic that’s in-keeping with the easy-going nature of the game. Its visuals are a mixture of thick line-art and subtle gradients, unlike anything else on iOS.

Pay once and play

The game is currently available with a 33% discount until February 15 to coincide with the release of Update 2.0, but that’s not even the best part. Once you’ve Golf Peaks, there are no adverts to sit through or paywalls to scale - just chilled-out, uninterrupted gameplay to enjoy.

Golf Peaks can be purchased for iOS devices through the App Store, and is also available for PC and Mac.