Fortnite has had yet another big fat update - Epic spoils us, they really do - and this time we've got a new grenade, some vaulted weapons, a brand new game mode, and of course, mobile players have one big new feature to use.

The new game mode Solid Gold, new controller options, and of course, the usual list of big fixes and updates mean Fortnite is the big game that keeps getting bigger, better, and more stable. Especially for you pocket gamers out there.

Take a look below for all of the details you need, and keep checking back on Pocket Gamer for more details and updates on Fortnite.


Take back control

Since Fortnite has been playable on mobile devices, there's been a single defining problem. Or advantage, depending on how you see it. It's the controls.

Touch screen gaming is incredibly convenient, but it's hardly the most accurate or even satisfying of way to play video games - and a competitive game like Fortnite? That especially.

Yeah, sure, we love the opportunity to play alongside our pals on other platforms from the comfort of our mobile phones, but it can be a struggle at times, to keep up with their aiming and movement. For those reasons, it's best to stick to playing with those on the same system when on mobile devices.

But wait! A solution! Yes we already know that certain Apple devices can run at up to 60FPS - matching console counterparts - but now we can even play using bluetooth controllers on mobile devices. At long last!

Yep, hook up a compatible bluetooth controller and, should Fortnite recognise the inputs, you'll be able to play without sliding your fingers around on a screen.

This means that on those 60FPS Apple devices, you'll be able to enjoy Fortnite just like your console pals, offering performance even greater than that of the Nintendo Switch. Pretty incredible!

Though that doesn't mean you should rush out and get a bluetooth controller right now - make sure to check what controllers are compatible, and of course, ensure it's completely comfortable for you to use. After that? Victory Royales on the go, without even a WiFi connection, alongside console players. Incredible.

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