In recent years, space pirates have made a bit of a comeback. And now with the upcoming global release of Rogue Universe on the App Store and Google Play, mobile gamers will finally have the chance to live out that lootin’, adventurin’ fantasy life.

Rogue Universe, at its core, is a strategy MMO that draws heavy aesthetic inspiration from some of the most popular comic books around. You’ll spend most of your time taking on missions, amassing a fleet, gathering the rarest of resources, and gradually getting to know the game’s 3 biggest factions: the Black Flag, U.N.S., and the Zurich Bank.

It’s important to be aware of the ways in which helping out one faction could impact – and potentially make an enemy of – another. Being a good guy is a valid option, but, at the same time, so is being a pillaging warlord. Though with one of the main objectives of the game being a complete universal takeover, I know which option I’ll be going with.

Before you can get into all that, you’re going to have to assemble your own fleet of ships. Of course, these can be micromanaged and upgraded to your heart’s content. Once you’ve built an army of unparalleled strength, you’ll be in a position to boot a few fellow players from their home turf.

But if your aim is to be friendly and sociable, you might have more fun building a guild to track down any rogue NPCs for their loot. If any rival guilds do happen to appear, there’s always the option to show them their place, earning you a bunch of honour points and rewards in the process.

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Then there’s ‘Deep Strike’, which is basically the game’s version of a story mode. This sees you exploring the vastness of space in order to uncover the secrets and backstories of the mysterious ‘Invaders’.

So best keep an eye out for Rogue Universe when it launches onto the App Store and Google Play during the first half of 2019.