Oddmar was a surprise delight on iOS last year. It's a brilliant platformer that evokes all the fun and beauty of Rayman Origins, but it actually manages to make platforming feel fun and responsive on mobile. I know! I didn't believe it at first either.

It's taken its sweet time, but now the magnificent experience is available on Android too. And to sweeten the deal a bit, Android players can play the beginning for free, before buying the rest of the game as an IAP. So you can give it a try, fall in love, and get it bought because why wouldn't you?

If you need a bit more persuading, here's the premise: Oddmar is a game where you, a small Viking man, have to traverse a gorgeous 2D world, beating up enemies and collecting things to progress. There's wall-jumping, timed jumps, and all the other platforming mechanics you expect.

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It's not the most original of games - as I say, it feels a lot like Rayman Origins - but it's held together with its buckets of charm, beautiful visuals, and fantastic controls that just work. We gave it a Gold Award at review, and you know what we're like for scoring games, so it must be good.

Oh go on, here's a quote from the review to really drive it home: "If you love platformers, then this is a no-brainer. If you're not a hundred percent sold on the genre though, there's a chance that Oddmar might be the game that makes you finally understand how exciting an experience they can be."

You can grab the opening of Oddmar for free on Google Play, and then purchase the full game within. If you're on iOS, why haven't you bought it yet? Go fix that - it's on the App Store for £4.99/$4.99.