Sure, 100 people in a battlefield is cool, but how about 150? That's the big draw of Nexon's new MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire, which is landing on Android and iOS at some point in 2019.

It all centres around the battle between the Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance, who are waging war in an epic fantasy world. But, more importantly, you get to kill things, grab loot, and get super powerful. Hooray!

There will, of course, be a single-player campaign to battle through, full to the brim with quests and characters to meet, complete, kill, loot, and what have you. You've got six classes to choose from as well, along with a wealth of weapons and armour to suit your needs.

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But the big thing is the 150-person battles taking place online. You'll take part in 75 v 75 scraps in real-time to prove which faction is the best, or scale it down to 4 v 4 matches if the larger battles sound a bit scary to begin with. You can even use voice chat in-game to co-ordinate your attacks, which will prove useful in the larger-scale fights.

It all sounds pretty exciting, and with the promise of console-quality graphics to boot, it should look very nice as well. And, knowing how these things go, there's probably a bunch of inappropriately-dressed young women to meet and play as, which is sure to appeal to a certain audience out there.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is due to land on Android and iOS sometime in 2019. As with most mobile MMO's, you can already pre-register for the game on its website to score yourself some free gear when the game actually comes out. And be sure to check back with us when it does to see if it's any cop.

Excited at the prospect of another massive MMO landing on mobile? Can't wait to get 74 of your mates together for a scrap? Let us know in the comments.