We're pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to Dragon Ball games, though you only really need one, and that's Dragon Ball FighterZ. Which, even if you don't like Dragon Ball, you should absolutely already have on your Switch. And should be playing it right now. And forever.

But Bandai Namco disagrees, so now there's a new Dragon Ball coming out - the ridiculously long-titled Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, landing on Switch on April 5th. There's not even a colon in there! How do I know when to breathe?!

Instead of taking direct control over the series' cast of alien pugilists, you'll instead play as Beat, who wants to be really good at a card game which features Dragon Ball characters.

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How exactly the card-battling will work is still unknown - the teaser trailer doesn't exactly give many details on that front. But if it's like any other CCG, you'll be collecting cards, building up your deck, and taking turns playing them on a game board against an AI or human foe.

And, of course, you can expect Goku, Vegeta, and the thousands of different versions of Goku and Vegeta to show up along with the rest of the Dragon Ball cast. There's even a brand new character designed by Dragon Ball Super creator Toyotarou to look forward to!

There's not many card games out on Switch, so this is likely a welcome addition for fans of the genre. But... it just doesn't sound very Dragon Ball. You expect enormous, drawn-out battles, Earth-shattering laser attacks, and more drama than you can shake a stick at with Dragon Ball. This feels like the stakes are significantly lower.

Only time will tell if Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission lives up to its lengthy, hyperbolic name. You can expect it to land on Switch on April 5th, and we'll surely have a review of it floating around by then too.