Forge forward towards our epic lists, because today we've got a big fat list of every single hero you can earn in Forged Fantasy.

The big new game from Hothead Games is well worth your time and can take hours and hours out of your day as you try and earn every hero, and these are the ones you'll want.

We've sorted the heroes by how many fragments you'll need to earn them, so take a look below and try to grab every single one for yourself.

This is a complete list so go for every single one, and remember you can Ctrl+F to find the hero you want quickly and easily.

There are one of three elemental types attributed to each hero, which are Fire, Water and Nature, in addition to their roles as close range or distanced fighters.

On top of that you'll have heroes better at healing, doing damage, or taking focus away from their team mates. Healers, DPS and Tanks, as you probably know them.

You'll easily be able to tell which heroes do what from their array of skills, which we've also listed below.

There are dozens of heroes to choose from, all taking form based on their elemental attribute. This means you'll have fancy water, fire and nature themed heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities, skills and attributes that will change the way you do battle.

The options open up even further when moving away from the campaign and onto PVP, so your hero selection will be even more important than ever. The moral here is that more heroes are better than less.

With a strong selection of powered up heroes at your side, taking on big challenges will be simple, all you have to do is forge your heroes to new heights.

Take a look at our list and choose the heroes that are best for you.

Forged Fantasy