We didn't mention it before, because it doesn't really concern us, but Fox has stated that Alien: Blackout isn't the only Alien game being worked on right now. And now everyone's reporting on that because people are so wound up about Blackout.

This was actually announced in the original press release for Blackout. Cold Iron Studios, a seperate developer from the team behind Blackout, is currently working on an MMO in the Alien universe. Because nothing instils more excitement than "Alien" and "shooter" in the same sentence!

Additionally, Fox has stated that Blackout is not a sequel to Alien: Isolation, and is an entirely seperate thing, according to MS Power User. So don't worry, lore purists, nothing is going to be ruined in the mobile version.

Look, I could make fun of people getting angry about Alien: Blackout being a mobile game all day. So I'm going to. Here's the trailer, and below I'll dig out some choice comments so you don't have to.

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Let's start with this one: "A horror game. On a phone? Is it April already??" Someone hasn't played Five Nights At Freddy's, I guess.

Here's another: "So now pre-ordering a digital game for a phone is also a thing.. the majority of developers these days really have no clue at all about fans and real gamers and how they feel about things and think they will accept anything. It's like we don't exist anymore and they are moving towards the casual market only.?" All mobile gamers are filthy casuals now I guess!

Stellar reasoning here: "Look how many dislikes - its like gaming companies has 0 understanding of their consumers.... most of the community want a sequel to Isolation and what do we get? a crappy mobile game....?" Yes, because the millions of mobile gamers would never buy this! Deary me.

Ok one more: "What a great way to mark the 40th anniversary of an epic franchise... by stabbing it in the heart, ripping out its spine, and sacrificing what's left on the altar of mobile gaming.?" Beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Alien: Blackout is coming to a mobile device near you on January 24th for $4.99. I reckon it'll be a solid game.