Humble Bundle has become quite the juggernaut in game sales, and it's extending its reach even further - now you can buy Switch and 3DS games directly from its online store. But, uh, only if you live in the US. Sorry everyone else.

For what it's worth, you're not going to find great sales on offer in the current selection. You'll find the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon: Let's Go, and just about every other first-party Switch game on there, plus a load of Pokemon games and some other titles over on the 3DS.

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But, for now, everything's being sold at full price. This is liable to change - Humble is, after all, a site that prides itself on making games available for next to nothing, and regularly holds sales in its store. Plus, you can use your wallet credit to pay for Nintendo goods, so if you have any spare cash sitting around, it'll knock some money off.

Sadly, there is that one huge caveat. It's for the US only. It's so US-specific that if you try to access the Nintendo products from outside the US (or without a VPN), you'll just get redirected to the main store. You could, in theory, jump through some hoops and buy the games for a US Switch account if you really wanted to, but again, there's no reason to just yet.

Still, it's a good sign for the future. Maybe a few months down the line we'll be reporting on a huge Humble Bundle of Switch games for just $1, and then all this will have been worthwhile. Or not. Who knows.

Are there any games on there you're particularly interested in checking out, if only for the novelty of buying it from a new store? Let us know in the comments.