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If you're curious about 7 Billion Humans, you are into puzzle games, but haven't played Human Resource Machine and wonder what all the fuss is, or you've played Human Resource Machine, and wonder how 7 Billion Humans has changed the formula, then read on.

Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans are puzzle games where you use logic commands from a draw pool to construct the behavior of a little person (HRM) or persons (7BH). The first big difference is that 7 Billion Humans has several characters on the screen at once, all executing your code simultaneously.

The brilliance of Human Resource Machine was in how the puzzle designers took complex problems and presented them as complicated arrangements of incredibly simple components. The simple components in Human Resource Machine were stretched beyond the possibility of their powers on every level, I would look at the puzzle goal and think it impossible, it could take days, sometimes even weeks, provided you grant the problem a corner in the back of your mind, for a solution to arise.

7 Billion Humans is similar in that regard. The main difference apart from multiple characters on screen is the inclusion of more complex logical functions, most notably the "If" function, which essentially allows you to program Artificial Intelligence capable of navigating in a hazardous environment while executing complex tasks. A whole new dimension unfolds.

When I say 7 Billion Humans is an expansion on its predecessor, it will be an understatement until you see for yourself how much the complexity of the problems have expanded. As before, each level breaks open a new paradigm. The minds at Tomorrow Corporation really are brilliant and to explore them through these puzzles is a communication.

The entire game is infused with Tomorrow Corporation's dark humour, it builds your understanding of each component before asking you to solve any complex task. The result is a brilliant, funny puzzler that makes you feel smart even as it perplexes you.

If you like puzzle games, sudoku, or have an appreciation for logic in a general sense, this game comes with my highest recommendation.