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Eduard Pandele

Chuchel is like a zany Saturday morning cartoon TV series from another planet. Made up of 30 episodes, the game doesn't have a real story, unlike the other Amanita Design offerings. What it has are tons of fun, heart-warming, funny moments that'll make you laugh out loud.

Gameplay-wise, it mixes adventure elements with arcade elements, but even the arcade sequences are still puzzles, because they borrow from gaming staples like Tetris, Pac Man, Helicopter Cave etc., changing them in new and head-scratching ways.

I liked the animations and the humor, but I wasn’t sold on some control choices (they make the arcade sequences harder than they should be). All in all, a fun game that I'll probably complete by the end of the weekend (I went through the first ten levels in about 80 minutes, taking my time to discover as many funny animations as possible).

I think it's a good game to introduce kids to adventure gaming, perfectly suited to be played by the kid while the parent looks, laughs, and eventually helps with the harder puzzles.

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