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Roman Valerio - iPad Air

Black Paradox features grinding in its pure form and in this respect can be recommended only to extremely patient gamers - I am not one of them.

For the time being I've dedicated about an hour to this fast-paced rogue-lite shoot'em up and have very little to brag about: two unlocked slots with elementary chips, about 8000 of in-game currency, and just one defeated boss.

Grinding aside, this title looks, sounds and plays perfectly. The pixelated graphics adds a certain retro feel, which is in no small measure created by a synthwave soundtrack too. The touch controls work flawlessly on my ancient device with no lagging at all. The gameplay is hardcore and fun at the same time: upgrades, tons of weapons, powerful opponents and deadly bosses. What else could you wish for?

Oh, I forgot to tell you that each time you lose you have to start from the very beginning every single time, which could give pleasure only to the fans of masochistic gaming, I guess.