What do you want for Christmas? If you said world peace, Trump out, an end to Brexit nonsense or any variation thereof, well done. You are a very funny/worthy human being.

Let's be honest though. Many of us just want a new iPhone.

Shallow, we know. But they're just so damned shiny! And expensive. Don't forget expensive.

We've only got a few days until Christmas, but that opens the way for some guilty last minute requests from close friends, relatives and partners with more money than sense.

Here, then, is how to sell the idea of a new iPhone XS or iPhone XR this Christmas.

Cash up front

Buying an iPhone is bit like taking off a plaster. It's best if you get all of the pain out of the way in one short, sharp movement.

Picking up an iPhone XS or iPhone XR on contract might be the most accessible approach, but I guarantee it's also the most expensive. Tot up the money you'll spend over two years (which is how long most of these contracts are) and you eyes will water.

By far the more cost effective solution is to buy an iPhone XS or iPhone XR outright, then sign up to a SIM-only contract to accompany it.

Lay these comparative figures out before your potential wealthy gift-giver and they're bound to nod sagely at your thriftiness. Er, maybe.

One other bonus move is to extol the virtues of making your up front iPhone purchase from John Lewis. Other retailers are available, of course, but those retailers don't offer a two year guarantee.

Spread the load with Apple

Okay, so you've established that slapping the best part of £1,000 down on a fragile pocket computer isn't going to wash with your potential gift giver. We understand. It was worth a try.

But there's a way to lessen the initial financial impact and insure your new gadget without paying a premium. It's called the iPhone Upgrade Programme, and it enables you to buy an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR direct from Apple while spreading the payments out over 20 months.

It costs £41.45 per month for a 64GB iPhone XR and £56.45 per month for a 64GB iPhone XS. In both cases, you're not paying any interest on the handset.

Rather, the extra money goes towards an Apple Care+ plan. That's Apple's advanced insurance scheme, which covers two cases of accidental damage. Not a bad thing to have with these glass-covered gadgets.

The cherry on the cake here is that the scheme gives you the option of a pain-free upgrade to the latest iPhone every year - provided you keep your current iPhone in decent condition.

You're not getting any kind of phone plan here, but you can sign up for one of those SIM-free plans yourself. £10 to £15 per month can get you loads of data, minutes and texts.