2018 has been a pretty brilliant year for mobile gaming. It might not be the greatest ever, but this year has seen the App Store and the Google Play Store stuffed to the gills, every week, with some truly impressive videogaming experiences. That's made making this list even more difficult than it might have been usually.

You see, for every amazing, massive, AAA mobile game, there were a handful of others that, while not as polished or impressive, probably spent longer on my iPhone than anything with more weight to it. These were games that sat somewhere between a snack and a light lunch - mobile gaming brunch, designed not to fill you up but to sate your desires until the next little session.

But after some trials and tribulations, I've managed to pare down my list to just five. These aren't necessarily the best games that came out in 2018, but they're the ones that managed to keep my attention for longest. And in a world where there's something new being thrown into your eyes at regular intervals, that's no bad thing.

Normally I'd say to add your disagreements in the comments section, but since these are my top 5 games of 2018, it'd be sort of weird if you tried to argue against it - but I would love to see your top 5's, so do share them. Oh, and happy Christmas and all that too. Right then, games.