Starlink: Battle for Atlas has just received a huge new content update, introducing new enemies, story missions, a photo mode, and much more. All of the content is free, and tacks quite a few new features onto the game.

New enemies like Legion and Obelisks present fresh challenges in battle, alongside some new Flora and Fauna that you’ll likely encounter in the wild. Gloom Gobs and Bile Bombs, for example, follow their opponents, growing larger and larger as they absorb gunfire, eventually exploding, causing a whole lot of damage. Ashworms and Sandworms are another large, new threat. Hiding in acid pools and beneath the sand, these giant worms will attack ships on sight, and they pack quite a punch.

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The update also adds the much awaited photo mode, allowing players to zoom in and out, adjust the exposure and saturation, and add filters to their screenshots to create masterpieces they can share for the very first time.

The video above outlines the full list of changes. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available now on the Switch eShop.