E.V.A.L. is set in a world where mankind’s future survival depends on a lot of button pressing, and the iOS exclusive’s eponymous A.I. is on hand to make sure we’re up to the job.

The Existence vs. Annihilation Logic (or E.V.A.L. for short) has devised a series of tests to evaluate whether us humans are future ready, and it’s up to you to take them on behalf of the entire species.

Said tests involve guiding cute robotic critters around obstacle-filled courses by changing their shape and colour to avoid hazards. E.V.A.L is an infinite runner at heart, but there’s more to it than that - you’ll be doing more than just pushing buttons, for starters.

Puzzle elements are integral to the game and developer Stoptoplay has come up with an innovative interface to help players tackle them. For instance, when you need one of the critters to change shape, you can trace an outline of that shape on a section of the screen.

Unlike most infinite runners, E.V.A.L. features a fully-fledged story campaign complete with cut scenes and voice acting, as well as Evaluation mode, which will present the players with different challenges over the course of 20 levels.

If that’s not enough, when you’re completed the core campaign, and endless running mode will be unlocked to add further longevity to the game.

To try your hand at E.V.A.L’s future fitness tests, head over to the App Store and download the game for free.