The Asphalt series has always been a bit of a technical marvel, and the 9th entry is no different; however, it's about to get even more impressive thanks to the addition of a 60fps mode.

The new option to play in a higher framerate will only be available on certain devices – for now, that's the iPhone XS and XS Max. That being said, the winter update brings plenty of nice little additions for everyone, so those of us who don't have the latest Apple kit needn't feel too left out.

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Outside of the new performance mode, we'll also see the Bugatti Chiron Mega Event pop up in-game. This one sees players having a go at driving one of the fastest cars available, as they take on various daily challenges.

On top of that, there's also a new mode called Slipstream where you'll have to follow your opponent's, well, slipstream in order to build up your nitro charge. Perhaps less exciting but still important are the new tweaks to balancing that the winter update will also introduce.

So why not race on over to the App Store or Google Play to pick this one up. Even if it's not really your sort of thing, there are few games that can show off the power of your mobile device like Asphalt 9 can.

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