Overcooked 2 has another seasonal treat in store for us as it teases an upcoming 'Free-zing' DLC. Y'see, it's going to be icy and the update is free, so it's an appropriate play on words, eh?

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After the Surf 'n' Turf DLC brought a bunch of sunny delights with it at £4.49/$5.99, it's interesting off the bat to see that this one is apparently free. Though 'fun, festive, and free', there's really not much else to go on besides the trailer above.

Obviously there's ice, cold water, and a grandma plunging into the depths holding what could be some sort of sweet, a blue barbershop pole, or whatever else. Festive, though mildly disturbing without context.

Thinking about it from its past DLC, I'd assume we might get some new wintry levels, new seasonal recipes, and maybe new chefs if we're lucky. It just depends on what Ghost Town Games wants to bring us for free. Are you excited? I'm excited.

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