Last night's Game Awards came packing plenty of surprise announcements, and perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch was developer Simogo's collaboration with Annapurna Interactive, the utterly gorgeous Sayonara Wild Hearts.

This one looks like the most, let's say, energetic music video imaginable, except, well, it's a video game, so you can actually play it. The trailer below sort of sells it as a mix of rhythm action gameplay and high-speed racing, and it's currently slated for release in 2019 for Nintendo Switch and 'other systems'.

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Simogo has long since established itself as something of a cult mobile developer. From the text-based adventure of Device 6 to the mystery-laden puzzling of SPL-T, it has succeeded in putting out an eclectic and often unique mix of games.

The rapid-fire pop madness of Sayonara looks to be another massively intriguing project from Simogo, and the fact that it's headed to Switch just totally seals the deal for me.

Annapurna, perhaps best known for its film output, has become quite the force within video games these last few years. With titles such as Donut County, Gorogoa, and Florence to its name, it seems to be the case that almost everything the publisher puts out will inevitably become a potential game of the year candidate.

Am I already too excited for this game? Maybe… probably. Though I wouldn't trust anyone who watches that trailer and tells me it doesn't look like an absolutely fabulous time.