Developer Meerkatgames is celebrating its 2018 successes in the best way possible thanks to having its highly popular take on battle royale,, awarded as one of the best indie games of the year in Korea by Google. The bestowing of awards by Google doesn't end there either, as is globally featured in the Google Play Store starting from today. This news also comes just as is starting to gear up for the addition of a new “Assassin” class as part of its December update.

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For those yet to try it for themselves, differs from the likes of Fortnite and PUBG in that it’s lighter in tone – being easy to pick up and tough to master. Players are still challenged to duke it out in real-time with others, only this time as cute characters that can be levelled up with new skills while vying to obtain the crown.

As well as a consistent stream of positive reviews from players,’s award is also indication from Google that the game is a great example of excellent refinement and inventiveness. Essentially, in a crowded genre in which everyone is attempting to stand out, players can be assured when downloading and playing with friends they’re guaranteed a high level of quality.

Adding to an already eclectic mix of character classes,’s December update will provide more fun for players to sink their teeth into when the new “Assassin” class arrives. A specialist fighter proficient in hiding, transformation, evasion, and of course assassination, those wanting to use close- or long-range weapons while moving around will want to take it for a spin.

Dive in to one of the most inventive takes on battle royale out there and, what’s more, one which Google is calling one of the best indie games of the year in Korea and decided to feature it globally. is free to download now on iOS and Android.