Ape Out, the long-awaited zoo breakout sim from indie developer Gabe Cuzzillo and publisher Devolver Digital officially arrives on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

Everything about Ape Out is utter chaos, from the drum-centric jazz soundtrack to the endless gore the rampaging gorilla leaves in its wake. Players essentially make their way through corridors and hallways destroying anyone who gets in their path. Knock out guards with your bare fists, or use humans as a shield against armed guards with guns. You can even set yourself on fire and ignite your enemies if you’re feeling especially creative.

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It’s all terribly violent, but the game’s got some serious style, aided by very hip, minimalist artwork from QWOP creator Bennett Foddy. If you’re looking to try something a bit different, Ape Out could very well do the trick.

Ape Out launches on the Switch eShop on February 7, 2019.