You might have heard that the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge came to a head in Dubai over the weekend, meaning that the winner of all winners has finally been decided. And so a big congratulations to Thailand's RRQ Athena, who, after multiple hard-fought battles, secured its position in first place.

Comfortable Penguin Team and LH. Douya, both China-based teams, came second and third, respectively. And, just in case you forgot, first place was worth $200,000, with second place earning you $100,000 – not exactly chump change.

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The finals have been months in the making, with teams from all around the globe working their way through different, increasingly challenging stages, so all awards have certainly been well earned.

All in all, the event racked up an astounding 60 million viewers online, with 5,000 people in attendance. Our Ric was lucky enough to see the finals in person, and you ought to click here to give his event diary a gander.

With this year's Star Challenge proving to be such a hit, it seems almost inevitable that we'll be seeing something similar in 2019. If that's the case, you better get some practice in early, so here are the links to download PUBG Mobile from the App Store and Google Play.