The road to release for JoyCity’s highly anticipated idle RPG Savior Saga has finally reached its end with the game now available worldwide - and to celebrate, JoyCity has some big changes in store for the game.

To bring those of you unaware up to speed, Savior Saga follows the story of its central heroine Yuina, a beautiful dragon maiden in pursuit of the Dragon Heart that will wake Kamor - an enchanted dragon capable of bestowing powers that can rid the land of the evil hordes of monsters threatening to destroy it.

Since we've already covered a fair amount about Savior Saga ahead of its release we'll jump right in and cover all the new features making their way to the game.

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So what's new?

The first major development worth noting is that Savior Saga’s global launch has brought the game to iOS players for the first time. This means that an entirely new base of players can experience the fun of farming and collecting weapons in a game that promises to be the perfect fix for all idle RPG fans.

Savior Saga’s official release also brings with it the inclusion of a guild system for the very first time, as well as a Guild Master shop where you can buy exclusive items.

Naturally enough, a dedicated guild chat system has also been introduced making it easy to communicate with other players during quests - a feature that will definitely come in handy for Savior Saga’s new weekly Guild Fairy event, which offers players the chance to pick up rare and exciting items such as legendary weapons.

If you can’t wait any longer to experience Savior Saga for yourself, you can find it to download for free from the App Store and Google Play. And for more info about the game and its upcoming events, be sure to check out Savior Saga's official Facebook page.