We cover portable games here on PG, but of course you can't play said games without the appropriate hardware.

That's why in addition to the latest smartphone, Switch, and handheld games, you'll find us covering the best gaming smartphones handheld consoles too

Ownership of such devices goes a little further, though. This feature is about the accessories and gadgets that enhance your portable gaming experience. We're talking about the cases, controllers, screen protectors, stands, and styluses of this world.

If you're after a cool new accessory for your iOS or Android device, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or even Vita, watch this space for some fresh ideas.

This month, in honour of the imminent release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we've included some related Switch peripherals. The biggest challenge with this game, as far as we can see it, is going to be securing enough suitable controllers to play it to its full potential over the festive period.

Hopefully the first few items on our list will help. For those looking for some interesting smartphone accessories, flick to our fourth and fifth picks.

PowerA Wired GameCube Controller for Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches this week, marking the single biggest Switch exclusive of the year. Smash Bros. experts will tell you that the only way to play this esteemed series is with a GameCuber controller.

Pads for this 17-year-old console are a little hard to come by these days, but PowerA has come up with a solution. This wired controller is officially endorsed by Nintendo, it's got all the extra buttons to work as a regular Switch controller, and it's pretty cheap at £25.

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GameCube Controller Adapter

Maybe you're a long-time Nintendo fan who already has a bunch of Nintendo Switch controllers lying around. For you, Nintendo is planning on releasing an official adaptor to help you use those controllers with your Switch.

The only catch: it's been delayed until May 2019. Don't bother waiting - this third party solution will work just fine in its place, allowing you to connect up to four GameCuber controllers via the Switch's USB ports.

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PowerA Wired Controller Plus

Maybe you're not bothered about the whole GameCube controller thing, and you just want to secure a couple of extra controllers for the full Smash Bros. Ultimate experience. The trouble is, Nintendo's official controllers are all really expensive.

You could do a lot worse than go with a couple of these from PowerA. Sure, they're wired. But they're officially licensed, so you know they meet the standard, and they also come in a range of natty designs. At just under £18, you can buy three for the price of one Pro Controller.

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OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones

Annoyingly, if inevitably, the Android smartphone world is following Apple's lead and ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. You have two options here: go wireless or go dongle, both of which have their drawbacks.

There's a third choice though - go for a set of USB-C earphones, like these ones from OnePlus. Just like the Chinese manufacturer's phones, the Type-C Bullets offer a crazy amount of quality for the price (just £16!).

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Speck Presidio Pro anti-microbial iPhone XS case

Here's an interesting one for all you iPhone XS-owning germophobes. Cases have become a necessary part of life, but they're also dirt magnets.

This case from Speck - one of the more reliable case makers in the business - adds an anti-microbial treatment that "inhibits the growth of bacteria on the case". It'll also withstand a 10ft drop, and it doesn't look like a child's pencil case. Bonus!

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