Hello Hero Epic Battle is the latest big RPG to hit the mobile market, with over 100 unique Heroes to collect, an expansive fantasy story, and plenty of opportunities to show your strength in competitive multiplayer. Set in a colourful 3D world, Hello Hero Epic Battle has something for everyone to enjoy.

The game just launched on iOS and Android this month in the western market, so we’ve gathered a few helpful tips to prepare you for it. Hello Hero Epic Battle has quite a lot of different features to dig into, so you’ll want to be ready. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Hello Hero Epic Battle features 12 different game modes

The crux of the game lies behind its various game modes, which fall into three categories—Hero Growth, Single Player Modes, and Ranking Modes. Hero Growth is where you will manage each Hero you recruit, building up their stats, weapons, armor, and improving their talent points. There are four single player modes—Adventure, Expedition, Workshop, and Hero Story—which offer up a variety of ways to play Hello Hero Epic Battle on your own. The Ranking Modes, as you might have guessed, help you manage your Squad and compete against the game’s active player base for fame and fortune in multiplayer World Boss, Battlefield, and Conquest modes.

Build a diverse team of heroes

Each Hero in Hello Hero Epic Battle has a class. You’ll want to be sure to collect a Hero for each type so that you can overcome any challenge you face. Defense characters are high in health and physical and magical defense, making for excellent tanks. Melee/Ranged Attack characters have low health, but do considerable ranged damage from afar. Melee/Ranger Hybrid Heroes feature a mix of physical and magical attack damage. Lastly, Support characters are low in physical and magical damage, but are essential for healing your party members as they take hits in battle.

Upgrade your heroes for maximum power

Each Hero falls under a tier—B, A, S, and SS—with SS being the best. The higher the tier, the higher that Hero’s stats. You’ll win different tier Heroes out of sheer luck, but you can always increase your Hero’s star rating within that tier regardless. Each time you upgrade your Hero’s star rating, you’ll boost their active and passive skills. You can do so by turning in duplicate Hero cards for an upgrade.

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Give your equipment a boost in the workshop

Hello Hero Epic Battle gives you the freedom to tinker with the equipment you uncover in dungeons. Head to the workshop to reinforce your equipment, or craft entirely new pieces. You’ll also find elixirs and other items to upgrade your Heroes here.

Earn epic rewards in World Boss mode

Pay attention to your calendar as you play. World Bosses come around on set days of the week, offering limited time challenges. If you successfully defeat one of these tough monsters, you’ll earn rewards based on how much damage you put out.