Hot off the heels of winning Pocket Gamer's Big Indie at ChinaJoy 2018, 5V5 online naval battles are coming soon to mobile in Pirate Code. In it, you get to choose a boat, captain your own ship, and unleash your pirate prowess in an effort to control the seven seas.

Becoming the fiercest pirate captain the world has ever seen starts by selecting any one of the 12 mighty ships Pirate Code offers up to you. All move and act differently when out there on the water, whether it’s in the swiftness of the Dragon Boat or how mighty the Flying Crane appears to enemies. Fans of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will also have the chance to command the dreaded Black Pearl.

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The unique abilities of each ship link up with those of Pirate Code’s 10 playable pirate captains, which provide the means to let players create some truly deadly combinations. It takes multiple strategies to conquer the high seas successfully, so experimenting with these combos is key to dominating your enemies. Will you join up with a fleet or go it alone? The choice is yours.

When not going ship to ship against others online, Pirate Code offers players the chance to complete a series of maritime missions to win precious gold. Complete enough of these tasks and you’ll eventually meet the Kraken, and conquering him is key on your quest for treasure.

Take to the high seas and become the ultimate pirate captain when Pirate Code launches soon.