The current Hearthstone meta is control oriented, rewarding decks that generate long-term value. But that leaves a door open for super-aggressive decks that can win games before a control deck can get rolling.

Enter Murloc Mage, a build that was briefly popular in the last expansion. Now it's got some extra tools to play with and the meta has slowed up even more, giving it a chance to shine.

Card Choice

  • 2 x Book of Specters
  • 2 x Frostbolt
  • 1 x Stargazer Luna
  • 2 x Fireball
  • 1 x Aluneth
  • 2 x Grimscale Oracl
  • 2 x Murloc Raider
  • 2 x Murloc Tidecaller
  • 2 x Bluegill Warrior
  • 2 x Murloc Tidehunter
  • 2 x Rockpool Hunter
  • 2 x Coldlight Seer
  • 2 x Murloc Warleader
  • 2 x Nightmare Amalgam
  • 2 x Primalfin Lookout
  • 2 x Gentle Megasaur

Deck code:

Yes, it's all the Murlocs, even the rarely-seen Murloc Raider. It's a deck where you go all-in or you don't go at all.

In terms of the expensive Legendary cards, you do need Aluneth but you don't need Stargazer Luna. Both are about card draw, but the former does it much better than the latter.

For the epic cards, Murloc Warleader and Gentle Megasaur are both key. They're your buff cards to keep you Murloc tribe alive and hitting hard. Book of Specters is less so: you can replace it with Arcane Intellect if you need to.

Nightmare Amalgam is somewhere in the middle. It's the only minion with Murloc Synergy that has decent stats by itself, so it's a handy addition if you can.

There are lots of useful minions you can choose for replacements if you need them. Spellbreaker, Vicious Fledgling and Fungalmancer are all useful. Try to pick a like for like cost where you can.

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