The next few days in America are some of the biggest in the calendar year. We've got Thanksgiving, we've got Black Friday, and we've got Cyber Monday. And you know what that means? It means there's going to be loads of awesome deals coming up that are going to save you money on mobile gaming.

And we thought it'd be best if we put as many of those deals in one place as we could. Which is why we've created this here article. It's going to be updated a whole lot over the coming few days with new deals, new sales, and more.

We'll add new links on a regular basis, so make sure you keep checking back regularly to make sure that you're saving the most money, and having the best time, that you possibly can have this Thanksgiving.

Sales and deals

Awesome Black Friday iOS and Android deals

We check out the best deals that have popped up over the last few days. These aren't just great savings, they're great savings on some of the best games for iOS and Android.

Black Friday 2018 - Best Portable Gaming Deals

This article sees us checking what we think are going to be the best portable gaming deals this year. This isn't about games, it's about hardware. Need a new phone or a cheap Switch? This is the place you want to be.

Save enough for a new game with this Amazon UK Nintendo Switch deal

Right now on the UK Amazon site, you can save enough money when you buy a Nintendo Switch console that you're going probably going to have enough money left over to buy a new game as well.

The top Android hardware deals this Black Friday There are loads of Android hardware sales going on around the internet today, so we thought we'd put the best ones of them all in one place for you.

**New deal** Apple's Black Friday offerings are the most disappointing we've seen yet

Apple's Black Friday deals run for four days, but you're not really going to be saving any money on them.

Check out these incredible Black Friday deals on Apple iPads

So Apple's own deals aren't great, but you can get a decent saving on an iPad or two from other retailers.

Here are the flat out best Android tablet deals this Black Friday

More 'droid than 'phone? Here's a selection of the best Android tablet deals we've seen.

**New** 2DS XL deals

Nintendo's Black Friday 2DS XL bundle is absolutely astounding

The first of these bundles to be announced features three games, two choices of 2DS colour, and is available direct from Nintendo.

Amazon is matching Nintendo's 2DS XL deal this Black Friday

And then Amazon is offering the same deal with the same choices and the same games.

The 2DS XL deals keep coming with Game's own take on the three-game bundle

Game has mixed things up by including a different game - Bravely Second: End Layer in its deal.