After a decent run on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, it's been announced that This is the Police is on its way to iOS and Android. You can get your hands on it on December 13th for $7.99/£6.99.

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This adventure/strategy game has you pulling on the boots of Police Chief Jack Boyd, voiced by Jon St. John, in the days leading up to his retirement. The biggest deal of the game isn't just to stop crime or defend the people of Freeburg, it's to actually make it to retirement and preferably with your sanity intact.

As you work through the game, you've got 180 days to make $500,000. The real question is how you make that money throughout this rather gritty, dark tale of morality. There are choices to be made and not all of them good as you manage your officers, respond to emergencies, go toe-to-toe with a corrupted mayor, and more.

The mobile version of the game won't have any IAPs and can be played offline once downloaded. You'll need a phone with iOS 8 and higher or Android 6 with 1.5 GB of RAM or better.