Again with the short stream notice? Yeah we know, we know. But, we hope you can forgive us when we reveal that tonight, James Gilmour will once again be striding the wartorn battlefields of an alternate history steampunk Europe in the awesome Scythe. When will he be doing it? Live from 5pm UK time tonight. So that's pretty exciting.

If you need more info about Scythe, don't you fret. We've streamed the game before, and since we like you the best, we've embedded one of those streams below. Give it a watch and you'll probably know as much about the game as James does, which is the perfect amount of knowledge to have fun with tonight.

Watch Scythe: Digital Edition | Pre-launch showcase from AsmodeeDigital on
So, to re-cap. Tonight live from 5pm UK time over on Twitch, we're going to be streaming an hour and a half of Scythe: Digital Edition. This is the link you'll want to click when the stream kicks off, but if you've got time to kill before that make sure you check out the recordings of our other recent streams while you're there.

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