Do you remember Away: Journey to the Unexpected? The game made a brief appearance during the first batch of Nintendo Switch promotions, but we haven’t heard too much from it since, until today that is. Developer Aurelien Regard (creator of The Next Penelope)and publisher Playdius released a new trailer for the game, showcasing what looks to be a very nice change of pace.

Described by Playdius as a “feel-good first person adventure game”, Away: Journey to the Unexpected springs players into a colourful fantasy world where you’ll make friends and memories through an interesting hodgepodge of rogue-lite action and plenty of exploration.

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Rather than training yourself up as an unstoppable hero, Away wants you to defeat your enemies with the power of friendship. You’ll need to make friends with the diverse cast of characters, from cowboy robots to space aliens, to convince them to fight for you on your adventures, and you’ll be able to control each new character in combat.

Away: Journey to the Unexpected is slated for release on Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2019.