Rockfish, the team behind the highly acclaimed space exploration title, Everspace, has been hard at work this last year or so on their latest game, whose scope is said to be much grander than any of the team's previous efforts.

Given that Rockfish is a relatively small independent studio, I'm glad to hear that it's brought some new hands on board to help out. If the game's scope is even larger than Everspace's, then a strengthened team will surely be a necessity in bringing such an ambitious vision to life.

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The new arrivals at Rockfish include various Fishlabs alum, which makes sense seeing as the founders of Rockfish are also the founders of the now defunct Fishlabs.

Then you've got some of the creatives behind The Pillars of the Earth video game, and a newly hired UI/UX designer, whose work with Porsche is certainly interesting.

We don't yet know too much about this new game, but further details are said to be released in mid-2019. That being said, some info can be gleaned from a recent press release, such as a mention of 'extensive player missions'.

If you're not the patient type, then you might be interested to know that Everspace: Stellar Edition is navigating its way onto Switch this December. The game offers an enticing mix of space exploration and rogue-like gameplay, and I'll certainly relish the chance to give it another shot on handheld.