Fortnite's just been updated with version 6.30 across all platforms and things are about to get pretty messy. Besides new weapons, there's a cool new limited time mode that you definitely need to get stuck into.

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First and foremost is Food Fight, a new mode that won't stick around forever. It's the ultimate battle of Durrr Burger versus Pizza Pit, where two teams have to fight to destroy their rival's mascot head. The head sits inside an under-construction restaurant, so it won't be easy to get to if you play your strategies right.

Initially you'll be divided by a huge barrier, giving you a chance to build up the ultimate fortress around the restaurant. You'll also get your hands on red Supply Drops which hold weapons, ammo, consumables, and building materials, but there won't be any explosives. If you die, it's no biggie - you respawn after seven seconds so don't worry too much.

Besides this, you've also got a Mounted Turret to get your hands on. It's got unlimited ammo, but can easily overheat and it can be destroyed by enemy fire.

You can read the full list of changes right here.

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