Cast your mind back to 2012 and you might remember a block-dropping game called Slydris. Shortly its sequel, Slydris 2, will be landing on iOS - and by that I mean on November 15th.

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In Slydris 2 you're continuing to slide blocks left and right on your level, dropping them in place to make full rows. Though it's got a bit of a Tetris-vibe to it, the mechanics have been designed specifically for mobile and, according to Radiangames' Luke Schneider, "definitely stand on their own".

With more striking visuals than ever before, five colour schemes to unlock, and five music tracks to accompany your visuals, you might find it hard to stop. We gave the original game a Silver Award in its review, saying: "Slydris offers a tight, often frantic puzzling experience, all wrapped in a neon package, and with a soundtrack that fits the on-screen proceedings perfectly."

If you can't wait to play it next week, you can pre-order it on the App Store now.