It sounds like a silly question, but what would happen if you mixed WipeOut with Clash Royale? The answer - we reckon you'd end up with something that looked a lot like Hyperdrome. You might remember we mentioned it a few months ago, but now it's out and you can get your grubby paws on it.

At its heart Hyperdrome is a racer, but you don't have any control over what your futuristic space car is doing. Instead you're throwing out cards that represent different special moves your sleek neon vehicle can perform. There are rockets, there are speed boosts, there are grappling hooks, and there are mines.

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Those special move cards are on cooldown timers though, so you need to use them wisely. Don't throw away an armour card until you're actually in danger of getting hit. Think about how you're going to use that rocket to your own best advantage. You get five laps, and whoever crosses the line first is the winner.

There are some other really interesting ideas here as well - a pit lane allows you to repair damage at the cost of some time, and if you get too far behind your opponent you've only got a few seconds to catch up with them before it's game over.

Hyperdrome is going to live and die on its community of players, and we think there's almost certainly enough going on here that it's worth checking out. Want to do that? All you have to do is click on this link to grab the game from the App Store. Or, if you're an Android player, click here to pick the game up from the Google Play Store.