Put simply, there aren't enough games out there that are like OutRun. It's rightly regarded as a classic of the arcade racing genre, but other than Horizon Chase, it seems grit and detail is key in driving games. Well, in most driving games. Great Race - Route 66 is different.

It's a game about driving all the way along America's most famous road. That huge journey is cut up into little chunks though, and you have to get your classic car through them unscathed. That's easier said than done when the road is littered with other cars, piles of rubbish, and enormous ramps.

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You control your car with a single finger, dragging it around at the bottom of the screen to dodge the obstacles that are tossed into your path. Hit too many things and your vehicle will explode. You'll need to watch a video to continue, or start the level all over again.

Essentially the game is a mix between an auto-runner and a frantic arcade dash, and while it's not the most original game in the world, the short bursts of play it offers, and some clever progression ideas, mean it's pretty much perfect for mobile play.

If any of that has enticed you (and if the OutRun bit didn't, I don't know what's wrong with you) you can click this link right here to grab the game for nowt from the App Store.